Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Dogwood Trees Don't Grow In Florida":(

My Dogwood tree is more beautiful this year than ever. Every time any one has ever seen that tree all they ever say is, "Dogwood trees don't grow in Florida." And here it blooms as if to say that anything is possible.

How many times do you have an idea or are enthusiastic about something? In your mind you hold hands with these bursts of ideas and your breath catches with the possibilities. Before you are ready to leap energetically to create and move forward, you decide to share. That's when you hear, "That's not going to work." The energy that flowed suddenly deflates and, boom, done.

The person you shared your idea with wasn't really sabotaging you; it was your own ego elbowing its way in. If your confidence level was secure you would already be in the middle of your project and sharing how it was moving along. Fear of succeeding, fear of failing puts you in the middle of fear. Remember when you were a child? Anything was possible and all your thoughts about goals were within reach. There wasn't that naysayer within or without and you gave life the taste test. Do I like this? Do I like that? Let's try it!

The blooming Dogwood flowers remind me that you can be full of dreams, do the action and have a wonderful outcome. Everything is possible and oh yes, Dogwood trees do grow in Florida.


  1. BOY HOWDY, Lillian, you have said a true thing.
    The photo of your tree is beautiful and your writing, like you life, is inspiring. Love you, sister friend!

  2. How ironic the timing of your post.

    Last night I had a dream about a yard with a dogwood tree just like that one.

    I think it was because I chopped a tree down in Florida some time ago.

    I miss that tree.

  3. I have forever wanted a Dogwood in my yard. I have heard, from Master Gardeners (spouting the party line) the same tired "Dogwoods don't grow well" in Fl. Well there you go. Everything is possible. :-)