Thursday, December 29, 2011


Moving about the planet and it's raining! Between the movement are the pauses. The stops. The waiting. There is beauty in those times. Opportunity even. A red light calls for a photo between rain drops.
At least I stopped this time, see my prior post.
The stop light at Dean  Martin Blvd. (Rt. 7) and U.S. Hwy 22 in Steubenville, Ohio
Nature is the grandest filter to the outside world. I wait for my love and the pause asks for a picture.
Third Street and Market Street in Steubenville, Ohio
Stopped in the middle of the Market Street Bridge on the state borders of Ohio and West Virginia, the rain draws out the colors that are asking to be seen.
On the Market Street bridge waiting for the light to turn green for GO!
Ohio and West Virginia over the Ohio River.
Rain has never been so agreeable. These breathing spaces in between movement have been inspirational.


  1. Okay...first I LOVE the new header! Did you notice the heart in there? and your profile pic is so perfecto! I love your photos and your appreciation of the opportunities around you, right there is little old Steubenville. Also, quite a juxtaposition between this post and your last post...running the red light opposed to lanquishing in the now of it. Notice the dates and the passage of time. So, so glad we are still connected.

  2. Dean Martin orchestrated a little fog for his intersection... :) Glad you are coming out! It's beautiful to see you. To hear your poetry. xoxox, V

  3. Shari - Yes, the hearts! It was a lucky reveal. That is a photo I took as we were going through this fantastic tunnel between Virginia (for lovers and open for business) and West Virginia (Wild and Wonderful)! Just living in the NOW in this moment, no, this moment, no, this moment... Miss You!

    V - Dean Martin "orchestrated" lololol! Yes, I am peeking out of my shell. Thanks for noticing that. I am accepting that creativity comes in many forms and it's all thoroughly enjoying. xoxox back at ya! They say ya here, not you or youse or even ya'll.