Thursday, January 12, 2012

Signs of the Times

I think older neon signs are such great works of art. They connote movement and action as well as being fun. They speak of welcome, come on in, sit down and enjoy our fare. There's a few here in Steubenville, Wintersville and Weirton.
Weirton, WV

I kept passing this sign and finally stopped and captured it for my digital collection. This is a "cafe". A cafe here is a gambling facility. Tricky. Imagine going in there and asking for a menu and everyone turning to look at you like you're crazy.

On the border between Steubenville and Wintersville, OH

The next sign on the menu is DiCarlo's Pizza. I stalked that sign, waiting for the right time at dusk when it would pop into my lens. I waited. And waited. Finally, I went into the place and asked the young man behind the counter if he could put it on. So, a shout out to Justin Bell, whose grandparents own the place. Poor guy, how could he not help me. I was a frightening spectacle. I had a long flared out red coat on with polka dot lining, hair askew, cold red face and blue eyes blazing in a plea as the wind blew me into the door. It was toasty nice in there. Thanks for hooking me up Justin. I haven't tried the pizza yet, but I've heard good reviews.
Weirton, WV

I played private eye with the Stars and Stripes sign.  Another cafe. The people going in and out could have been thinking I was watching THEM. I think I stared at that thing for 20 minutes willing it to light up. When it did it was like Christmas to me. I'm in front of a place with no windows during rush hour obsessing about getting a photo. Is this a strip joint? Should I be wary? The answer came out loud "I'm a grown woman and I can be outside of a strip joint or a cafe if I want to. I'm doing art. Get out of my way!"

Driving further up the road my final neon sign for the evening was another DiCarlo's. I mistakenly parked my car in the drive thru lane. Oops. A dude came to pick up his pizza and wanted me to take his picture. There are some things you have to do for the sake of art and there are some you won't.

Weirton, WV


  1. You and I *share* a love for old neon signs - deco and googi era!! Yay! Thank you for sharing your Steubenville gems. I think I might do the same around here. We have a surprising many, even in the land of strip malls.